Roger Ebert replies to a fan of ‘Disaster Movie’

Hot on the heels of questioning his own reviewsRoger Ebert has responded to a fan of Disaster Movie in the ‘Answer Man’ section of his website.

The question (which I’m guessing is reprinted verbatim) from S.J. Stanczak in Chicago read:

Q. Yo dude, u missed out on “Disaster Movie,” a hardcore laugh-ur-@zz-off movie! Y U not review this movie!? It was funny as #ell! Prolly the funniest movie of the summer! U never review these, wat up wit dat?

To which Ebert replied:

A. Hey, bro, I wuz buzier than $#i+, @d they never shoed it b4 hand. I peeped in the IMDb and saw it zoomed to #1 as the low$ie$t flic of all time, wit @ lame-@zz UZer Rating of 1.3. U liked it? Wat up wit dat?

 Stanczak is ownd.

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