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UK Cinema Releases: Friday 19th September 2008


Tropic Thunder (Paramount): With an impressive US gross already in the bag, a high profile London premiere this week and a distinct lack of direct competition, Paramount have every right to be bullish about this Hollywood satire taking the UK Number 1 slot. Ben Stiller directs and stars alongside Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. as a group of prima donna actors making a Vietnam War film who annoy their director (Steve Coogan) so much that he abandons them in the jungle amidst a real war zone. Although not quite as hilarious as it might have been, there are a lot of good laughs to be had and Downey Jnr is remarkable as a white method actor playing a black character. [Cert 15 / Nationwide]

Linha¬†De Passe¬†(Pathe): The latest film from director¬†Walter¬†Salles¬†(who’s previous films include¬†Central Station¬†and¬†The Motorcycle Diaries) is the tale of¬†four poverty-stricken brothers who live in a¬†favela¬†neighborhood in¬†S√£o¬†Paulo.¬†Although not quite as good as his previous work it is still an absorbing slice of modern Brazilian life. It premiered at Cannes back in May to¬†generally positive reviews¬†and¬†SandraCorveloni¬†scooped¬†the Best Actress award.¬†Pathe¬†will be hoping the¬†arthouse¬†crowd turn out in force for one of South¬†America’s best directors.¬†[Cert 15 / Key Cities]

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Then She Found Me¬†(Chelsea Films):¬†Helen Hunt¬†directs and stars in this tale of a¬†New York teacher (Hunt) who hits a midlife crisis when her husband¬†(Matthew Broderick) leaves, her adoptive mother dies, her biological mother¬†(Bette¬†Midler) turns up unexpected and she begins a relationship with the father (Colin Firth) of one of her students. Although this low budget comedy/drama didn’t exactly make waves at the US box office, it may hit the sweet spot for female¬†uadiences¬†who don’t want to see¬†Mamma¬†Mia for the 8thtime. [Cert 15 / Key Cities]



The Chaser¬†(Metrodome): A Korean crime drama directed by¬†Hong-jin¬†Na¬†about¬†a detective turned pimp in financial trouble as several of his girls have recently disappeared without clearing their debts.¬†[Cert 18 /¬†C’World¬†Shaftesbury¬†Ave,¬†Vues¬†Islington, Shepherds Bush & Key Cities]

The Wave¬†(Momentum): This German drama explores a¬†high school teacher’s unusual experiment to demonstrate to his students what life is like under a dictatorship spins horribly out of control.¬†¬†It proved a big hit in Germany earlier this year. [Cert 15 /¬†C’World¬†Fulham¬†Rd,¬†Odeon¬†Covent¬†Gdn,¬†Ritzy,¬†P’House Greenwich & Key Cities]

Unrelated¬†(New Wave Films):¬†A woman escaping an unhappy marriage takes refuge with a friend’s family on holiday, where events force her to confront the reality of never having her own children. Directed by¬†Joanna Hogg.¬†[Cert 15 / Key Cities – Click here for a full list of cinemas showing it]

Live! (Lionsgate UK): A mockumentary following an ambitious TV network executive (Eva Mendes) trying to produce a controversial reality show where contestants play Russian Roulette. [Cert 15 / Showing at Empire Leicester Square in London]

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Manga Entertainment): The 2006 Japanese animated film which is an adaptation of a Japanese novel written by Yasutaka Tsutsui. [Showing the ICA Cinema in London]

Love Letters and Live Wires: Highlights from the GPO Film Unit (bfi Distribution): Programme showcasing the sheer range of films made in the 1930s by the General Post Office Film Unit, from quintessential documentary to avant-garde animation and even musical comedy. [Cert U / BFI Southbank & Key Cities]

Saas Bahu Aur Sensex (Warner Bros): A Bollywood film set against the backdrop of the money markets  and the masala and kitty parties of modern day Mumbai. [Selected cinemas Nationwide]

Zombie Strippers (Sony Pictures): A comedy horror film, written and directed by Jay Lee, starring Robert Englund, Jenna Jameson, and Tito Ortiz.  [Cert 18 / Prince Charles Cinema in London only]


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