Palisades Media acquires Tartan library

New York based Palisades Media have acquired the library of Tartan Films, the former UK distributor which recently went into administration.

Variety report:

Gotham-based securitization and P&A financing specialist Palisades Media has acquired the majority of beleaguered U.K. indie Tartan Films‘ 400-plus title library.

In May, Palisades bought the library of Tartan’s Stateside arm Tartan USA.

Both the U.K. and U.S. assets were bought after the companies slid into receivership.

‘We had such confidence after U.S. auction’, Palisades chairman-CEO Vin Roberti told Daily Variety. ‘The titles are very legitimate. There are very few people in this industry who have the taste (Tartan topper) Hamish (McAlpine) has’.

The Two One Three quote Palisades co-manager Kevin Burns as saying:

“There’s no denying Hamish McAlpine (former owner of Tartan Films) had a brilliant eye for cinema.

He amassed and distributed an extraordinary amount of thought-provoking and avant-garde films in three continents no less, and exposed audiences world-wide to some really remarkable and astonishing work.

We are thrilled to own the rights to the majority of both Tartan libraries and look forward to giving these films the kind of treatment they deserve and the attention that fans of independent cinema will truly appreciate.”

Who are Palisades Media? The Hollywood Reporter explain:

Palisades Media Corp. and its subsidiary Palisades Pictures provide print and advertising financing for the independent film market.

Together with its affiliate, Palisades Media Asset Fund, Palisades has securitized and financed more than 130 films.

The acquisition of Tartan will bring its library to almost 600 titles.

AV Maniacs report on some possible plans:

Palisades hopes to start releasing new titles this winter in the US beginning with a host of Asia Extreme titles.

The next month will feature a diverse slate of independent films. Boxsets, 2-packs and blu-rays are also in the works.

All upcoming UK releases are still to be decided.

The Tartan back catalogue includes films such as: Super Size Me, Capturing the Friedmans, Ivan’s XTC, My Architect, Être et avoir, Irreversible, Secretary, Funny Games, La Haine, Cronos, Hard Boiled, Man Bites Dog, The Double Life of Veronique, Cyrano de Bergerac, A Short Film About KillingRing, Audition, Battle Royale, Oldboy and over 30 Ingmar Bergman titles.

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