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Cannes in a Van

Last year three people armed with a projector and a van brought new meaning to the term ‘guerrilla cinema’ when they screened films at Cannes from their van.

This year they are back and their aim is to give exposure to lesser known films and filmmakers whilst out in Cannes.

As they put it:

Every film has a creator who is undeniably committed to what they are doing, committed to their obsession.

Maybe their goal is to make a personal film about something close to their heart, maybe they have a bigger picture, maybe their career is in film.

One thing is for sure – some of them you will know about in 10 years, some will win Oscars, Baftas, international awards. Some will change the publics’ consciousness.

Our aim is to give these films exposure. Where that exposure takes them is an unknown quantity, but it may just help them on their way.

We screen the best selection of short-films from the cream of independent filmmaking to a receptive, captive audience.

The crew this year consists of Andy, Cath, Stuart and Janus and you can follow their exploits at their blog or podcasts.

Check out this London Tonight report from last year’s festival:

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