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Interview: Stephen Morris on Joy Division

An interview with Joy Division drummer Stephen Morris about the 2008 documentary on his former band.

Joy Division is the new documentary about the Manchester band behind such seminal albums as Unknown Pleasures and Closer.

Formed in 1976 they consisted of Ian Curtis (vocals), Bernard Sumner (guitar and keyboards), Peter Hook (bass guitar and backing vocals) and Stephen Morris (drums and percussion).

They remain one of the most enduring bands of the last 30 years and although their career was cut short by the tragic death of Curtis in 1980, the remaining members went on to form New Order.

Directed by Grant Gee, the documentary features interviews with all the surviving band members and explores the band’s history through never-before-seen live performance footage, personal photos, period films and newly discovered audio.

It also features contributions from the late Factory Records owner Tony Wilson, iconic Factory Records graphic artist Peter Saville, photographer/filmmaker Anton Corbijn, Belgian journalist Annik Honoré (speaking for the first time about her relationship with Ian Curtis) and many other connected with the band.

I recently spoke with the drummer Stephen Morris about the film, how it differs from Control (the biopic that came out last year) and the legacy of the band.

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Joy Division opens at selected UK cinemas on Friday 2nd May

Check out the trailer here:

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I can’t wait to see this documentary. I recently watched CONTROL and thought Sam Riley did an amazing job as Ian Curtis. It’s definitely a must-see for all Joy Division/New Order fans! All of their gorgeous, moody music was a background for my youth–Joy Division will always live in my heart!

Good man Steve. I see others complaining elsewhere he shouldn’t be regarded as one of the great drummers. Listen to JD you fools! Simple but utterly original for the time.

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