Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon on Jimmy Kimmel

US talk show host Jimmy Kimmell has a running gag about Matt Damon – at the end of many shows of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, he would ends by saying:

“Apologies to Matt Damon, but we ran out of time…”

Kimmel then did a segment in 2006 where Damon finally appeared as a guest only for the host to say they were out of time, which led to some mock outrage and Damon “storming off” the set:

The running gag continued into 2007 and now Sarah Silverman (the US comedian and actress, who is also Kimmel’s partner) has teamed up with Damon for this rather funny video:

UPDATE 24/02/08: Now – on Oscar night – Jimmy returns with his own video of him with Matt Damon’s friend Ben Affleck: