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The Cinema Review: I Am Legend / The Kite Runner

This week we look at I Am Legend and The Kite Runner which both open on Boxing Day in the UK.

I Am Legend and The Kite Runner

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4 replies on “The Cinema Review: I Am Legend / The Kite Runner”

what a cracker of a film, shame about the dog ๐Ÿ™
High emotional impact, great, recommend to anyone.

Will’s body is to die for. I would almost want to turn rabid myself, just for a bite of him:P

The film is well made and holds interest, but after hearing the radio show on bbc, it falls well short of creating anywhere near the emotional impact of the dog dying or the feeling of loneliness and the whole reason for the title i am legend has been lost ain the ending which has been changed. Read the book first, i reckon.

I would agree about the book – it is essential reading for any one with an interest in sci-fi or horror.

It is a shame big budget adaptations can never really grapple with the central point of the novel, but that said I was surprised at the darkness of this adaptation and taken with some of the ideas.

The Infected are a let down (too much CGI and not enough make up) but apart from that, the production design and Will Smith impressed me a lot more than I expected.

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