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28 Weeks Later Interview Special

Interviews with the cast and director of 28 Weeks Later

28 Weeks Later  is out today and we speak to four of the key people involved in bringing the sequel to 28 Days Later to the screen.

The new film explores what happens when the rage virus of the previous film has seemingly died out and citizens return to London with US troops in charge of the operation.

Robert Carlyle tells us about Don, the character he plays in the film and the difficult choices he has to make and how this is more of a companion piece to 28 Days Later.

He also explains what it was like working with his old friend Danny Boyle when the director of the original did some 2nd unit work on this film. Plus, we also find out if he’d be up for reuniting with the old Trainspotting team again.

Harold Perrineau and Jeremy Renner are two US actors you might have seen in other things recently.

Harold has played Michael Dawson in the first three seasons of Lost, whilst Jeremy was recently in North Country with Charlize Theron and will soon be seen alongside Brad Pitt in The Assassination of Jesse James.

In this film they play two US troops who have to help people escape from London after the infection returns to the city. I spoke with them about filming in London and how this might compete against all the sequels out this summer.

Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo came to a lot of people’s attention a few years ago with the brilliant Spanish thriller Intacto.

That film persuaded Danny Boyle and DNA Films to hire him and he tells us about his thoughts once he got asked to do it, his concepts for the sequel and the problems of shooting in major city like London.

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28 Weeks Later is out at cinemas today in the UK and US

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Tantalizing interviews! I was originally dubious of the notion of a sequel, particularly without Danny Boyle in the lead directing seat, but … I dunno. I’m suddenly feeling optimistic!

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