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Anne Thompson at Variety

A couple of weeks ago Anne Thompson – an established film writer who also has a keen understanding of new media – moved from her post at The Hollywood Reporter to theirย  crosstown rivals Variety.

You can check out her new blog at

She notes in her first post that:

Although I wrote the Risky Business column at L.A. Weekly for seven years, and filed some more Risky columns for Filmmaker Magazine in 2003 and 2004, and convinced the folks at THR to let me use Risky Business for my weekly column there, they want to hang on to it. It’s a hard-won part of my identity. But I’m moving on.

Although it is a hassle starting a new site from scratch (and a tad mean spirited for THR to hang on to the RiskyBiz moniker) sometimes a change can be an invigorating thing.

All the best to Anne at her new URL.

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