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The Movie Cast for Thursday 1st March

On the podcast this week we take a look at The Illusionist, the new drama starring Edward Norton as the enigmatic Eisenheim โ€“ a magician in turn of the century Vienna. We also speak to Norton about his role in the film.We also review Ghost Rider, the latest Marvel comic book adaptation to hit the big screen. We chat to the two stars Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes, plus writer-director Mark Steven Johnson discusses the challenges of adapting the character to film.

Our DVD pick is Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, the hilarious mock documentary that was one of the funniest films of last year.

We also discuss the winners at the Oscars as Martin Scorcese finally bagged the Best Director Oscar for The Departed.

One of the big winners on the night was Forest Whitaker scooping Best Actor for The Last King of Scotland. That film was co-produced by Film4 and we speak to their Senior Commissioning Executive Peter Carlton about the film and his companyโ€™s upcoming projects, which includes the online film making experiment My Movie Mashup

Our website of the week is the official site for the Golden Raspberry Awards

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