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The end of year dilemma

It is that time of year where critics start compiling their end of year lists. But if, like me, you are based in the UK then there is always a problem.

Films often get released here a couple of months after their US release, so outstanding titles like Brokeback Mountain, Grizzly Man and The New World end up in a strange twilight zone. They are 2005 films that end up in the 2006 best of list. And that is just wrong isn’t it?

If you go to the IMDb and look up The New World it is listed as a 2005 film, even though it got a UK release in February 2006. My solution is to just list the best films I’ve seen this year and ammend the previous year’s list accordingly.

My end of year list will be up in a couple of days but also look out for an amended version of last year’s best films.