Star Wars Kid

BBC News claims that The Star Wars Kid is the most viewed viral video of all time:


If you aren’t familiar with the story the Wikipedia has all the details here.

There were numerous remixes of the video but this oneย (with some nifty lightsaber effects) stands out:


The full top ten list of viral videos is:

1. Star Wars Kid (900m)
2. Numa Numa (700m)
3. One Night In Paris (400m)
4. Kylie Minogue for Agent Provocateur (360m)
5. The Exploding Whale (350m)
=6. John West Salmon Bear Fight (300m)
=6. Trojan Games (300m)
8. Kolla2001 (200m)
9. AfroNinja (80m)
10. The Shining Redux (50m)

> Original story at BBC News
> A collection of Star Wars kid remixes