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London Film Festival 2006 – Preview

It might not be as big or as important as Cannes or Toronto but the London Film Festival starts today and I’ll be posting some updates as it goes on.

Some of the films at the festival are likely to be contenders in the upcoming awards season so it is worth keeping an eye out for what’s going on. Plus it is held in the city where I work so it seems only natural to cover it!
There’s a lot of films on but here are a select few that I’m paticularly looking forward to:

  • The Last King of Scotland: Director Kevin McDonald’s feature debut with Forrest Whitaker as 70’s Ugandan dictator Idi Amin
  • The Caiman: Director Nanni Moretti’s satire on Berlusconi’s Italy
  • For Your Consideration: The latest docu-spoof from Christopher Guest and his ensemble
  • Catch a Fire: Drama dealing with Apartheid in 1980s South Africa
  • Little Children: Kate Winslet stars in director Todd Field’s drama set in US surburbia
  • Black Book: Paul Verhoeven makes his first European film in years with this tale of a Jewish woman separated from family during World War II
  • Bug: William Friedkin’s adaptation of Tracey Letts’ off-Broadway play
  • Babel: The latest film from Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu which stars Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett and Gabriel Garcia Bernal.

There are some that I’ve already seen (Breaking and Entering, Stranger Than Fiction and Borat) but I’ll be posting my thoughts on those too as the festival goes on.

If you are in London or fancy visiting to see a film then just click on the official website below which should have all the information you need.

> Official Site for the 2006 London Film Festival