Leonardo DiCaprio discusses The Departed

Interview with Leonardo DiCaprio about working with Martin Scorsese on The Departed

I spoke to Leonardo DiCaprioย about The Departed.

We discussed the film and his ongoing collaboration with Martin Scorcese, which included:

  • How this was different from his other films with Scorsese
  • The relationship with the Asian film that originally inspired it.
  • The single best thing about working with Scorsese.

Have a listen to the interview here:

> The Departed at the IMDb
> Official site

3 replies on “Leonardo DiCaprio discusses The Departed”

I think the Acadmy Awards jury is blind to see the marvelous acting done by Leonardo, I think the acting he has done in Catch me if you Can, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and most recently The Departed, is out-standing, I consider Tom Hanks the greatest Actor of all time, who got Leonardo going along to beat him in Acting. I don’t understand the logics of Acadmy Awards jury, what do they try to show through ignoring the Acting done by this most talented Actor. No matter what, I know Leonardo is more carful about his Acting skills rather than worrying about Oscars. Thank You . May Leonardo Live Longer.

Sarfaraz Abbasi
Student of Engg
Karachi Pakistan

I agree with your statement. Leonardo is perhaps the best actor of his generation and Tom Hanks his predecessor.

Leonardo’s efforts are often shadowed by events in his personal life – his posse has gained an unfavourable reputation, his relationship with Giselle, just to name a few.

While some have been propelled to fame for having telegenic faces, that very factor is Leonardo’s curse. Having enormous success in Titanic as Jack Dawson, the garnering of a huge teen base of fans and discredits his position as an actor. His perfect face has been a distraction to his acting chops, which I must emphasize are second to none.

A simple sentence, a gaze, a sigh – the intense subtlety of Leonardo adds dimensions to these fleeting nuances which he executes with panache.

If Tom Hanks were The Actor of the 90s, then Leonardo would surely be The Actor of this decade.

The Academy just needs to accept that sometimes, pretty boys just have it all.

I truly believe that one day The Academy will finally reward him. Since he started to cooperate with people who know what filming is all about and ………… well started aging, his status of a poster boy that he gained in the mid 90s due to Titanic and Romeo & Juliet will be soon eclipsed by what he does. In fact it already has. There are \”stars\” and actors. The stars do not necessairly have talent. DiCaprio has it.

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