Zombie Alphabet

I just came across this Zombie Alphabet on Flickr. Maybe George A Romero could use it as the font for his official site.

> George A Romero at the IMDb
> Another Zombie photoset on Flickr

2 replies on “Zombie Alphabet”

Mr Heron,

Good illustration of the ‘A’ there. What were the other letters in the zombie font set? ‘G’, ‘H’, ‘R’ and ‘U’? Somehow, I can’t picture ‘Y’, ‘M’, and ‘C’ =P

By the way, had much hilarity on Sunday just gone when Mike Mendoza found that ‘Scary Movie’ blow up doll, and would not be convinced that Mr Collins was ‘the owner’ =)

All the best, always enjoy your Film Detail slot on talkSport.


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