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Post-Oscar thoughts

So Crash won Best Picture. It seems some members of the Academy did know how to quit Brokeback Mountain after all. It’s a shame as Ang Lee’s film (along with all the other Best Picture nominees) were superior to the LA set racial drama. But just how often do the Oscars ever award the best film “Best Picture”? It is a surprisingly rare occurrence. The only one’s I can think of in recent memory were The Return of the King, American Beauty and Schindler’s List. And let’s not forget that recent Best Picture winners have included Chicago, Braveheart and Driving Miss Daisy. Maybe in the long run Brokeback Mountain will be more admired because it didn’t win, in the same way we now look back fondly at Goodfellas (beaten by Dances with Wolves in 1990) and Raging Bull (beaten by Ordinary People in 1980). But never mind.

Some other random thoughts:

  • How on earth did Memoirs of a Geisha win so many technical awards?
  • Jon Stewart was actually OK as a host despite some rocky moments of blankness from the Hollywood throng. The pre-prepared Daily Show-style segments were excellent but I think Stewart struggled to modify his style to a very different environment.
  • The whole ceremony seemed a lot better paced than in years gone by.
  • There was little sign of any tedious “This is Hollywood” dance routines. Thank God.
  • The main reason Crash won was the flood of Lionsgate DVDs
  • I think Flags of Our Fathers will win Best Picture next year.

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