The Oscars – Live

At last Sideways wins an award. In truth Best Adapted Screenplay was probably its best shot. The Aviator seems to be on a roll and if it keeps picking up technical awards then I think it might clinch Best Film. But I still think Million Dollar Baby will win Best Picture & Best Director. More winners: – Best Documentary: Born Into Brothels – Best Supporting Actress: Cate Blanchett – Costume Design: The Aviator – Film Editing: The Aviator – Visual Effects: Spider-Man 2 – Adapted Screenplay: Sideways At the moment Beyonce is performing a song from Phantom of the Opera. That looked like it could be an early contender back in November but it’s heartening that lower key fare such as Sideways and Million Dollar Baby got more recognition. Al Pacino just presented Sidney Lumet with an honoury Oscar – about time too. As I write this the winner of Best Short Film (Live Action) has said that it the award is "the dog’s bollocks". I wonder if the American audience got that particular reference…