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Twin Peaks Season 2 is out on Region 1 DVD

Twin Peaks - Season 2 on DVDAt long last the second season of David Lynch‘s classic TV show Twin Peaks is available on DVD.

At the moment it just being released on Region 1 but if you have a multi-region player that won’t be a problem.

It was one of the best TV shows of the early 90s and although it lost its way somewhat towards the end it still featured some memorable episodes.

A lot of people have asked me over the years about when this was going to be available and the reason it was delayed for so long was a complex web of legal and distribution issues.

But if you are a Lynch fan then this is well worth a look. IGN have posted a review of the package along with some screenshots.

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> David Lynch’s official site (the ringtones are fantastic)

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UPDATE: Thanks to Mark for pointing out in the comments below that Twin Peaks Season 2 is only out on Region 1 DVD at the moment.

I was wondering why this post was getting so much traffic but in my haste to state that the Region 1 DVD was available I mistakenly said it was out on Region 2. Alas, it isn’t yet as the tortuous rights issues to this title drag on.

Thw Wikipedia entry for Twin Peaks has the following to say on the release problems both seasons have had:

The release of Season Two was complicated by the sale of Republic Pictures, the successor-in-interest to Worldvision Enterprises (the series’ former distributor) and which currently holds ancillary rights in North America, to Paramount/Viacom in 1998; the transition of home video rights; and the later 2006 split of Viacom into two separate companies. Also, David Lynch oversaw the transfer from video to DVD personally, but was delayed by the production of his new film, Inland Empire. The first season was released to DVD on Artisan Entertainment, the video licensee for Republic, but Artisan/Lions Gate’s rights expired in September 2005, and thus were transferred to Paramount.

The second season release was postponed several times, from September 2004, to early 2005, to September 2005, to early 2006. Despite its long delay, Season Two was finally released in the United States and Canada on April 3, 2007. In Germany, where Season 2 is to be released in two parts on separate dates in 2007, Part 1 went on general release on January 4, 2007.

North American rights to the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me film are owned by New Line Cinema, a division of Time Warner (which also owns Warner Bros.), and is available on video and DVD through New Line. In Canada, the DVD was distributed through Alliance Atlantis, which holds all Canadian rights to the New Line library.

Although Republic technically holds major ancillary rights, Paramount’s home entertainment division (a Viacom unit) now holds home video rights. Television distribution rights are now held by CBS Paramount Television, the successor-in-interest to Paramount’s television unit.

Perhaps it’s best to get that multi-region DVD player after all…

By Ambrose Heron

Editor of FILMdetail

5 replies on “Twin Peaks Season 2 is out on Region 1 DVD”

Checked out the link to and found that the DVD is only being offered as Region 1 DVD. If anyone has any details on Region 2 DVD version of this season, then please send it on.


Is there any update on Twin Peaks Season 2 being released on Region 2 DVD?

Alas, I haven’t heard of any plans to release it on Region 2.

It could be rights issues (see above) or just the fact that they don’t think it would sell very well.

Either way it is frustrating- if you have a multi-region player it is probably worth just getting the Region 1 DVDs.

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