A Farewell to Douchebags

Bill Maher‘s opening monologue to his latest Real Time show accurately sums up the celebratory mood after Obama’s win last Tuesday. 

Farewell to douchebags indeed.

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Bill Maher on the VP debate

Bill Maher gives us his thoughts on the VP debate on his HBO show Real Time.

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Every death in The Sopranos

Someone has made a 10 minute compilation of every single death in The Sopranos:

It goes without saying that there are spoilers and violence.

[Link via LinkMachineGo]

> HBO page for The Sopranos
> Episode guide and timeline for the show at Wikipedia

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Bill Maher on the Catholic church

US comedian and talkshow host Bill Maher has a new documentary about religion coming out later this year called Religulous.

His recent monologue about Catholicism on his HBO show Real Time has recently been causing some debate in the US: