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Watchmen photos and blog

Director Zack Snyder has posted some hi-res photos of characters from the new Watchmen film on the official production blog.

Watchmen photos and blog

The film is due for release in the US and UK on March 6th 2009

> The official blog for Watchmen
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Beowulf Press Conference at the London IMAX

I went along to the BFI IMAX recently to see the new Beowulf film in 3-D directed by Robert Zemeckis.

It uses motion capture technology to retell the old English poem and Ray Winstone, Anthony Hopkins, Crispin Glover, producer Steve Starkey plus writers Roger Avary and Neil Gaiman discussed it afterwards at the press conference.

The interior was decked out in a medieval theme with drummers, wooden barrels and candles.

I’ll post a full review of the film in the podcast on Friday but until then here are some photos I took of the day:

Imax at Waterloo

Beowulf sign


Beowulf bar


Cast on stage for the press conference

Beowulf press conference

Beowulf arch

Beowulf opens this Friday in the UK

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Iron Man photos

SlashFilm has posted two high resolution photos from the new Iron Man film which is currently in production.

One features Robert Downey Jnr as Tony Stark:

Robert Downey Junior as Tony Stark

…whilst the other is of him in the Iron Man suit:

Iron Man suit

It is scheduled for release by Paramount on May 2nd, 2008.

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> Iron Man entry at the IMDb
> Find out more about the Iron Man character at Wikipedia

Amusing Images Interesting

Grindhouse style posters for regular films

Grindhouse will be split in two for UK audiences (Deathproof arrives in September), but in the meantime check out some rather brilliant spoof posters of regular films done in the grindhouse style over at Something Awful.

My favourites include:

Children of Men:

Children of Men

An Inconvenient Truth:

An Inconvenient Truth

and The Prestige:

The Prestige

(Thanks to Boing Boing for the link)

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Awards Season Images

Vanity Fair Oscar photos

Vanity Fair have an excellent collection of photos from their own post-ceremony party over at Little Gold Men – their new Oscar blog.

It is good to see an established magazine do something like this. Obviously they have amazing access (after all it was their party) and a lot of the photos on their blog are far superior to anything I’ve seen in today’s papers.

> Little Gold Men
> More photos from the Vanity Fair Oscar party

Images In Production Interesting

The Bourne Ultimatum at Waterloo

I got the train into Waterloo this morning and as soon as I got off platform 10 I noticed that the crew from The Bourne Ultimatum were filming there today.

I saw director Paul Greengrass in discussion with actor Paddy Considine and later on noticedย Matt Damon and producer Frank Marshall. They were filming there last October so maybe they are back to do pickup shots.

What struck me was how laidback (yet professional) the whole thing was. Despite the presence of a big star and one of England’s best directors, commuters went about their business as usual without causing any fuss.

Here are some pictures:

Director Paul Greengrass in discussions with actor Paddy Consindine

Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass in discussion with producer Frank Marshall (in the centre of the picture)

The camera and some extras

Poster informing commuters that filming is happening today

Some of the crew by the monitors

Some boxes and lights

Matt Damon (in the centre of the picture about an inch right of the “sale” sign)

The film is the third Bourne film (after 2002’s The Bourne Identity and 2004’s The Bourne Supremacy) and is scheduled for release later this year on August 3rd.

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