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The Daily Video: The Dark Knight 1989 Style

Viral Video

Obama viral ad about John McCain’s Seven Houses

A clever viral ad from the Obama campaign called Seven that has already got over 600,000 views on YouTube since it was posted yesterday.

Amusing The Daily Video Viral Video

The Daily Video: Matt Damon’s impression of Matthew McConaughey

Matt Damon does a great impression of his old friend Matthew McConaughy, as this Letterman appearance from last year demonstrates.

Interesting Viral Video

Viral Video: Where the Hell is Matt?

This is another viral video of games designer Matt Harding – who travelled the world and shot footage of himself and others dancing in various places across the globe.

This is the third video of his to become a huge viral hit and already has 529,142 views on YouTube.

> Matt’s official site with more about him and a FAQ
> Check out his first dancing video from 2005 and his second from 2006
> More videos on Matt’s YouTube channel
> An interview with Matt at Payscale
> More about Matt at Wikipedia

Amusing TV Viral Video

Badly dubbed films for TV

Have you ever laughed or sighed when a film on TV has a ridiculous piece of editing to replace ‘offensive’ language?

This Basic Instinct video that compares the original film with the badly dubbed version altered for sensitive TV audiences.

Check out the differences between Scarface and the US TV cut (“this town is like one big chicken, just waiting to get plucked!”):

How about the safe-for-TV version of Die Hard 2? (“Hey turkey!”):

Or what about this scene from the TV edit of The Big Lebowski, with possibly the strangest substitute line ever? (“This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps!”)

And what about Casino, where the f-word is said 422 times?

This scene with De Niro and Pesci in the desert finds a way of avoiding it completely (“You better get your own fighting army pal!”):

Den of Geek has noted some other TV dubbing disasters:

Goodfellas: “Go fu*k your mother” bizarrely becomes “Go feel your mother”.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: “Pardon my French but you’re an AARDVARK!'”(????)

Field of Dreams: “We were going to ask Ty Cobb to play, but none of us could stand that son of a squid”

Robocop: “You’re gonna a bad mothercrusher…”

Lethal Weapon: “We bury the funsters!”

The Last Boy Scout: “I POPPED your wife, and later I’m gonna POP her again”

If you know of any others, just leave them in the comments below.

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