President-Elect Barack Obama in Chicago

The victory speech from Chicago.


President Obama

Fox News reported. America decidedPresident Obama.


The 2008 US Election Campaign in 3 Slate Videos

From the Conventions to the First Debate in Three Minutes


From the First to the Last Debate in Four Minutes


From the Last Debate to the Final Week in Two Minutes 


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Interesting Viral Video

Barack Obama’s 30 Minute Campaign Ad

This is the 30 minute campaign ad for Barack Obama that ran on most US TV networks last Wednesday.

Entitled Amercian Stories, American Solutions, it was directed by Davis Guggenheim, who also made the Al Gore documentary An Inconvenient Truth.

It was simulcast on NBCCBSFoxUnivisionMSNBCBET and TV One and Fox even asked for Game Six of the 2008 World Series to be delayed by 15 minutes in order to show it.

The ad got just over 30 million viewers across all the networks on which it aired and currently has 1,542,234 views on YouTube.

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Davis Guggenheim at the IMDb


Barack Obama on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Barack Obama‘s recent appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

UPDATE: 31/10/08: According to Variety’s Anne Thompson this appearence had a dramatic impact on The Daily Show’s ratings:

According to Comedy Central, last night’s Obama satellite interview “lifted The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to record levels,” they wrote in an email:

  • It was the most-watched and highest-rated episode in the show’s history, with 3.6 million total viewers and a 2.6 HHLD Rating.
  • This episode beat the October 8 prior most-watched episode record set by Michele Obama, by 700,000 total viewers.
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” (October 29, 11:00 p.m. – 11:30 p.m)
  • 3.6 million total viewers
  • 2.2 million P18-49 viewers
  • 2.6 HHLD Rating
  • 2.0 P18-49 Rating
  • This is the first time The Daily Show has averaged more than 3 million viewers for a single episode.
  • The Daily Show outperformed its previous best by +22% (2.9 million viewers on October 8, 2008).