Camden Council Robocop

A video surfaced last night of a Camden resident recording what appears to be a North London version of ED-209.

Jim Jepps writes on The Big Smoke blog:

Just getting home from a photo-taking expedition in the snow and my neighbour points the camera out to me.

Now, the flash camera has been there for a while, we’ve complained about it before and we’ve been told the objective is to move people on. Seeing as this is our communal garden I’ve never really felt that was an adequate explanation.

There’s no illegal activity here, no anti-social behaviour. The worst it ever gets is the kids running round which, I understand, some people might not like, but frankly kids should run round – it’s their job.

But this was new. Watch the film and be aghast!

Indeed, do watch:

He then posted a link to the video on Twitter:


My first thought was of this scene from John Carpenter’s Escape From New York (1981) where Snake Plisskin (Kurt Russell) is  ‘processed’ just before he gets the offer of rescuing the President:

But of course, the most infamous robot law enforcer designed by city bureaucrats is ED-209 from Robocop (1987):


To paraphrase The Old Man (played by Dan O’Herlihy): “Camden, I’m VERY disappointed”

It is all a bit different from Detroit, where a Robocop statue is going to get built after a Kickstarter campaign began after someone tweeted the Mayor’s office.

By the way, this Robocop inspired rap by DJ Mayhem & MC Mouthmaster Murf (posted by YouTube user robomayhem) is genius:

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