Peace Corps YouTube Contest

The National Peace Corps Association recently launched a video contest on YouTube to mark their upcoming 50th anniversary.

Called “My Piece of the Peace Corps,” the contest invites entrants to submit videos about how the Peace Corps, a Peace Corps Volunteer, or a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer changed their lives.

Winners will receive $500, $1,000, or a grand prize of $2,500.

Erica Burman, director of communications for the National Peace Corps Association has said:

“We expect the videos to be as diverse as the people who serve in the Peace Corps. A video could be about a high-school teacher whose stories from overseas inspired you, or a Volunteer whose service taught you new skills, or maybe a Returned Volunteer who continues to be a community leader here at home.

“Like the Peace Corps, YouTube has brought the world closer together. It’s only natural that we would use this new technology to showcase the ways that Peace Corps Volunteers and Returned Volunteers have affected tens of thousands of people around the world.”

The contest will culminate just in time for the celebrations at the University of Michigan in October where the idea of the Peace Corps first began fifty years ago.

Entrants have until September 30th to upload their videos to NPCA’s contest group on YouTube.

Submissions must be less than 120 seconds and cannot have been previously submitted to another contest.

For more information just visit:

(N.B. This is an international competition and you do not need to have been a Peace Corps Volunteer to enter).