Mel Gibson Meltdown

Mel Gibson was arrested early on Friday morning in Malibu after driving under the influence. The entertainment site TMZ recently posted what it said were four pages from the original arrest report, which quoted Gibson as issuing a “barrage of anti-Semitic remarks” to the arresting officers.

He has issued an apology but where this leaves his career is anyone’s guess. His new film Apocalypto is out in December and given the current turmoil in the Middle East added to the controversy that raged over The Passion of the Christ, the timing could not be worse.

> Sandra Cohen of the AP reports on where this might leave his career
> The LA Times speculates as to whether the LAPD tried to give Gibson preferential treatment
> Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood Daily refutes the idea of a police cover up and also looks
at the incident in the context of Gibson’s recent history

> Timothy Noah at Slate has no doubt as to what he thinks of Gibson and analyses screenshots of the leaked report

The Movie-Cast for Friday 28th July

This week we recorded the podcast on the roof as it was so damn hot in London. We take review the week’s big cinema release, which is Pixar’s latest film – Cars.

Our DVD picks include futuristic drama V for Vendetta and Spike Lee’s heist drama Inside Man.

In the news we discuss Richard Donner’s new cut of Superman II and our website of the week is the marvellous review hub Metacritic.

> Get cinema showtimes for Cars via Google Movies
> Buy V for Vendetta at Amazon UK
> Buy Inside Man at Amazon UK
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