Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Tim Burtonís adaptation of Roald Dahlís much loved childrenís book is a surreal delight.

For all of its enduring popularity as a book, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory has never really received a satisfactory adaptation on TV or film. Until now, the darker edges of Dahlís imagination have probably put off studios but with the success of the Harry Potter films, childrenís books seem to be back in vogue. Step forward Warner Brothers and the director who was born to make this film – Tim Burton. Add in Johnny Depp, the actor who has collaborated with him on his best work (Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood), and you have an extremely tempting prospect aswell as a chance to finally lay to rest the problems that dogged the over praised 1971 adaptation that Dahl reportedly hated.

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War of the Worlds

The biggest blockbuster of the summer is a thrilling but surprisingly bleak affair filled with post 9/11 angst.

Nearly 30 years on from depicting aliens as friendly visitors in Close Encounters of the Third Kind Steven Spielberg has fashioned a very different alien invasion movie. Despite all the negative pre-release publicity surrounding its star Tom Cruise and an embargo on reviews till the release date suggesting something bad was afoot, it is a surprisingly lean and subversive summer blockbuster. Adapting the themes of H.G. Wells’s original novel to contemporary America, Spielberg and screenwriters David Koepp and Josh Friedman explore the fears of the most powerful nation on the planet whilst also crafting an exciting and absorbing drama.

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